Elfriede & Herbert in Super-8

Elfriede and Herbert are passionate Super-8 fans. They virtuously record all their most delightful experiences!

On their trip through Subotika, they captured many a precious moment on celluloid too.

And we're allowed a glimpse at a few

cuttings from their archives...


Enchanting blossoms in Fabotika

It's not without good reason that this wild and romantic valley is known as the Republic's "Garden of Eden".

The preferred venue of the jet set, painters and poets. And that's no surprise: only in Fabotika the lilac blooms twice a year !

A visit to cosmonaut Popov

Subotika's inaccessible hinterland is home to its secret spacecraft launch pad: the Lunaport cosmodrome.  It's from here that the country is intending to reach for the stars. He's waiting day-in day-out for the countdown to start – just as he has been for the last 20 years and more – cosmonaut Kurt Popov, Subotika’s first man in cosmic space.  And, as Kurt knows all too well: things could get going any moment now!


Get funky do the monkey !

A pit stop on the tour of Subotika. Somewhere in the midst of the no-man's land between Robotika and Kakapol.

Elfriede and Herbert just can't help it, they just have to get a little bit funky. What a delightful and crazy idea!